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You will find wisdom, jokes and, often, wisdom in the jokes, in this section. These are sent to me via e-mail and what-not; if there is any violation of copyrights, kindly notify me by e-mail and they will be promptly removed.

09-Apr-2005 Save This Man's Marriage
30-Mar-2005 Linguistics - Double Negative
29-Mar-2005 Moral Value
10-Feb-2005 WWJD: What Would Jesus Drive?
28-Jan-2005 The Divorce
24-Nov-2004 'Tis the Season...
11-Nov-2004 Hollywood Square Jokes
11-Nov-2004 Amazing Huh?
05-Oct-2004 Florida has moved - 4 hurricanes in 6 weeks!
01-Oct-2004 Thinking Fast Pays Off Again
01-Oct-2004 One Question IQ Test
01-Oct-2004 U2 Puzzle